Load Plan Optimization & 3D Visualization

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Whether you are a SMB Freight Forwarder or a Consolidator providing LCL/LTL consolidation/deconsolidation services or a large Manufacturer or a Distributor booking FCL/FTL shipments through a 3PL/2PL, transport cost has always been the biggest constraint to your business profitability.

Experts theorize that by maximizing the truck fill-percentage one could ship the same cargo volume in 1 less truckload every month but requires lot of expertise and planning time.

We took the challenge very seriously as the rewards would be unmistakably significant for you especially because you have to deal with single-digit operational margins.

20High helps you reduce up to 15% of your transport cost by selecting the right container or truck size/type and maximizing its load utilization at a fraction of time and money

20High is equipped with a powerful heuristic algorithm based industrial scale load optimization engine with 3D visualization of the load plans similar to the ones provided only by the Top TMS products of the world but at a fraction of their prices.

And yes, you can generate multiple container/truck load plans in one go with item orientation suggestions and stuffing plan; can opt for advanced load settings like balancing of load within the equipment, front load support requirement, item orientation constraints, item fragility, equipment availability and container cost; the closest possible load model to reality!

You can do all of these in three simple steps

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Key Highlights
  • Get standard configurational data on dimensions, max weight and volumetric capacities of all types of maritime containers, airfreight containers and trucks preconfigured in 20High to save your time
  • Let the powerful optimization algorithm recommend, from the lot, the best-fit equipment(s) to accommodate most of your selected cargos at the least amount of equipment cost
  • Re-run load optimization with different configurations multiple times and save results to compare
  • Visualize in 3D the item stuffing within each equipment and know the exact spatial location of the items and their orientations within an equipment
  • Color coded item display to differentiate among different shipments within the equipment
  • Export the stuffing plan as PDF for your warehouse operators to follow