Automated Order Consolidation

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If you are processing multiple customer orders (retail or B2B) and shipping them on a regular basis, you may already be doing order consolidation to reduce your shipping costs; which becomes even more critical for international shipments.

Here the question is not whether you are using Order Consolidation, the question is more about how efficient and effective it has been for you and whether the effort you put in towards doing the consolidation is giving you back a proportional or better return in terms of cost savings.

Use a powerful Rule Engine technology to double your speed & accuracy of Order Consolidation at a significantly lesser overhead

20High offers a fully automated Order Consolidation guided by a powerful intelligent backend rule engine, which can consolidate hundreds of PO / Sales Orders with 100% accuracy in a fraction of manual time.

And yes, you can consolidate orders into shipments sharing similarities at any level – be it having same customers, going to same locations, using same MOTs, shipping on the same dates, booked under the same POs, containing items of certain types including hazardous cargo or any combination of these criteria; all is possible!

All you need is follow three simple steps

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Key Highlights
  • Intuitive, user friendly and simple user interface (UI) to design one or multiple consolidation rules of any complexities
  • Granular control on the rules to ensure consolidations are tied even to a specific customer, city, warehouse location or freight item characteristics (HS Code, Haz. Code, Dangerous Cargo)
  • Flexibility to define separate rules to consolidate FTL/FCL (Full-Truck-Load/ Full-Container-Load) and LTL/LCL (Less-than-Truck-Load/ Less-than-Container-Load) orders differently