Rates & Contracts Management

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You may be a Shipper managing your contracted carriers or a Freight Forwarder managing tons of rate cards of your carrier network, but managing the complex transport rate structures, comparing and selecting the best carrier for the job each time and every time is never easy and is always froth with human errors and oversight.

A misstep in carrier selection may jeopardize your good-will or severely shoot up the shipping cost especially when dealing with high-value or mission critical cargos.

Let an Intelligent Recommendation Engine crunch through the numbers across rate cards & suggest you the Cheapest, the Fastest or the Most Reliable carriers for the job

20High understands the complexity of transport rate management and offers you the simplest, intuitive and the most flexible way of managing rate cards and contracts.

And yes, you can download & fill rates using Excels offline and upload multiple revisions to rate cards. An analytical Recommendation Engine will help you find the Best-Fit carrier considering the freight details, route coverage, transport rates, transit time and past delivery track record

Nothing is left to Imagination!

You get the following modules

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Key Highlights
  • User friendly and intuitive screens to search the best matching carriers for your load and shipping route (single leg or multi-leg)
  • An intelligent recommendation engine crunches numbers across rate cards and finds the cheapest transport cost, the fastest transit-times, and evaluates the historical performance of a carrier towards on-time delivery and invoice accuracy to recommend the best-fit
  • Finds carriers for a single load or multiple loads, single route or multi-leg routes
  • Option to go beyond your contracted carriers and get quotes from the open market using our integration with 123Loadboard the leaders in US digital freight brokerage market