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We are in a mission to solve your most potent transportation challenges in the most affordable way

Companies either pay exorbitant license fees for a full TMS yet uses only a fraction of its features or settle for a suboptimal solution; either way the companies lose. We’ve created a TMS that a broader spectrum of businesses can adopt and afford.

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Through deep research on the blind spots in contemporary TMS products and our 24+ years of IT experience serving Global Logistical Behemoths, we carefully designed our product USPs.

Blind Spot

Optimization at a Lower Price Tag
Optimization at a Lower Price Tag

Shippers & 3PLs want to optimize operations but cost of optimization is a huge entry barrier. Their priority is to deliver More with Less but available means to achieve these can sometimes only be afforded by the biggest & the greatest

Our Differentiator

Transport Cost Optimization for Everyone

Blind Spot

Real time Transportation Visibility
Optimization at a Lower Price Tag

You can track your $7 pizza order real time whereas you hardly justify the visibility provided to you for your thousand times worth cargo shipments

Our Differentiator

Real time Visibility for your Customers

Blind Spot

Huge Manual Coordination Effort
Optimization at a Lower Price Tag

Logistics is all about people & coordination. One may try to reduce but cannot eradicate. TMS solutions of the day does too little to facilitate communications across various parties

Our Differentiator

Instant Messaging Among Parties
Optimization at a Lower Price Tag


A built-in IM within TMS allows your operations team chat with truckers or customers instantly to resolve issues and record the conversations against the shipments for later reference or KPI performance rating

Blind Spot

Complex UIs Limiting User Adoption
Optimization at a Lower Price Tag

Most TMS product interfaces are purely  functional, complex and less user-friendly. The perception of  unfriendly UI drives down user adoption even if you are  investing your hard earned money into digitalization

Our Differentiator

Most User-Friendly TMS in the Market
Optimization at a Lower Price Tag


Glamorous looking friendly UIs ensure your users are not scared anymore. With plenty of pre-set configurations, you can start using the TMS in no time. Wizards and guided functionalities help users to stay at ease. You enjoy the luxurious driving comfort!


Optimization at a Lower Price Tag


Leave the hosting & availability worries to us, you enjoy all standard features anywhere anytime.

Fully compliant to GDPR norms, all your data will be securely stored in a separate database that is accessible only to you.

With the host of subscription tiers and options to further select among key functionalities. you essentially

Pay only for What you Use!!
Optimization at a Lower Price Tag

TMS-in-a-Box License

If your business has unique needs and demands exclusive business customizations, we have exclusive Yearly license models with AMC packs which can suit your needs.

Our team will customize processes as per your specifications and deploy the product in your data-center or a private cloud environment.


Optimization at a Lower Price Tag


If you are a Manufacturer, Supplier or a Distributor and wants to upgrade your Excel based inbound / outbound transport management operations to the next level and make it accessible across your team anytime anywhere

  • Automated SO/PO/STO Consolidation
  • 3D Load Plan Optimization
  • Automated Freight Audit of Carrier Invoices against Rate Cards
  • Carrier Performance KPI Tracking
  • Load Posting to Public Load Boards
  • Carrier Portal
Optimization at a Lower Price Tag


If you are a 3PL and wants to optimize your operational cost and at the same time believes not just in Customer Satisfaction but strives for Customer Deligtht through better service delivery & better information visibility, we are here to help you

  • LTL/LCL Automated Order Consolidation
  • 3D Load Plan Optimization
  • Milestone Tracking & Exception Handling
  • Customer Visibility Portal
  • Facebook Chatbot for Real-time Tracking
  • Instant Messenger for your users


  • Auto Order Consolidation (LCL/LTL)
  • 3D Load Optimization & Transport Planning
  • E-Tendering & Carrier Selection
  • Rates & Contracts Management
  • Public Load Board Integration
  • Real-time Shipment Visibility
  • FB Chatbot for Shipment Tracking
  • Exception Handling & Milestone Tracking
  • Carrier Performance & Dashboard
  • Instant Messenger



SCM Domain


SUPERFAST ON BOARDING – We understand your business; have 24+ Years of IT services experience in SCM & Logistics industry serving Global Logistics Behemoths

LEVERAGE 24X7 SUPPORT from our dedicated team in your time zone. We know how important it is for you to keep the application running round the clock.

Our engineers with a rich repertoire of Knowledge Base of best practices & reusable technical assets will help you in every aspect to support, fix, customize and extend

OUR Technology Partnerships




We bring end-to-end Technology Assurance in Data Integration & Automation in and around the TMS within your ecosystem through our partnerships with the Industry Leading platforms

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