Automated Freight Audit

Step into the world of freight auditing with 20High, your reliable ally in ensuring every charge stands validated.


Ever found yourself grappling with the intricacies of freight invoices?

Maybe you’re a logistics manager consistently trying to ensure cost efficiencies in your shipping contracts? The labyrinth of freight billing and its accuracy is not just about numbers; it’s about the trust in your logistic operations.

Every discrepancy in an invoice can lead to financial drains. Worse, it could disrupt the trust you’ve established with your carriers and stakeholders. More significantly, without an automated process, countless hours could be wasted in manual verifications, leading to delays in reconciliations and payments.

We understand the gravity of every cent spent and saved. The core question is: Does your current system shield you from overpaying? Does it empower you with the ability to swiftly identify and resolve discrepancies, thus enhancing your logistics efficiency?

Ensure every cent counts with precision invoicing via our Automated Freight Audit technology

Achieve Audit Excellence with 20High!

Step into the world of freight auditing with 20High, your reliable ally in ensuring every charge stands validated. Our platform exemplifies streamlined operations, providing crystal-clear insights into every invoice and associated cost.

At 20High, manual verifications become a thing of the past. Simply upload/import your invoices, and let our system handle the intricacies. Beyond mere checking, our Advanced Discrepancy Resolver swiftly identifies discrepancies, from charge anomalies to unexpected fees, arming you with actionable insights.

With 20High, every bill is meticulously examined. No discrepancies left unchecked, no ambiguities. Only absolute clarity. Elevate your freight audit process to unprecedented levels of precision.

Automated Freight Audit

Simplify Invoice Management in 3 Simple Steps

Rapid Invoice Validation

No more second-guessing or manual checks. With 20High’s Automated Freight Audit, instantly validate invoices against the Rate cards received from carriers. Whether it’s by order numbers, carrier IDs, or any associated reference, assurance is just a click away.

Discrepancy Resolution

In the instance of inconsistencies or errors, transparency is key. With 20High, the system doesn’t just identify errors – it facilitates prompt, effective communication with carriers to address discrepancies, ensuring that you only pay for the services you’ve agreed upon.

Payment Readiness

After meticulous verification and thorough checks, each invoice is set for payment without any hitches. 20High prepares you for a swift payment process, solidifying efficient rapport with carriers, ensuring you’re always one step ahead when it’s time to settle accounts.

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Unveil true transparency in transportation costs through automated freight audit with 20High