Why 20High

No-frills, light-as-air, user-centric Transportation Management System. Designed to streamline collaboration, enhance visibility, and curb costs.

Driving Efficiency: Achieving More Without the Premium Price Tag

The Challenge

In an industry where optimization is key, shippers and freight forwarders often grapple with cost constraints. Delivering more with less is the ideal – yet, most available solutions are priced at a premium that only the largest players can bear.

The 20High Solution

Optimize More, Spend Less

20High’s auto-order consolidation is capable of consolidating any number of orders into minimum number of shipments within seconds. This consolidation is based on commonalities and parameters that can be defined using 20High’s rule engine.

Perfect your cargo loading with our system that takes into account dimensions, weight balance, and capacity constraints. Plus, visualize the loading and unloading process in 3D for unmatched efficiency.

Say goodbye to hiring costly experts or allocating extensive resources. Our fully automated system meticulously audits hundreds of transport invoices against carrier rate cards, saving you precious time and ensuring absolute accuracy.

Real-time Visibility: Empowering Your Business and Customers

The Challenge

In the fast-paced world of logistics, gaining real-time visibility over valuable cargo shipments is often an uphill task. Keeping track of thousands of dollars’ worth of cargo can be both daunting and critical.

The 20High Solution

Instant, Accessible Visibility

No more guesswork. With seamless API integration, 20High provides real-time visibility for air, sea, and road shipments at your fingertips. Stay informed and maintain control over your logistics operations.

We believe in convenience and accessibility. That’s why we’ve designed a feature that enables your customers to check shipment locations on Google Maps or request tracking details directly via our chatbot. With no mobile app installation needed, tracking becomes a breeze.

Enhancing Coordination: Enabling Efficient Operations

The Challenge

Logistics hinges on people and coordination. While efforts can be made to reduce manual coordination, it is an inevitable aspect of the industry. Most existing TMS solutions do little to facilitate effective communication among various parties, leading to operational inefficiencies.

The 20High Solution

Instant Messaging

Communication is key to streamlined operations. Our built-in Instant Messenger feature enables your operations team to chat with truckers or customers instantly. Resolve issues on the spot, maintain a record of conversations tied to shipments for future reference, and even use this data for KPI performance rating.

Promoting User Adoption: Simplifying UIs for Seamless Interaction

The Challenge

Many TMS product interfaces prioritize functionality over user experience, leading to complex and less user-friendly designs. This perception of an unfriendly UI can significantly hinder user adoption, thus diminishing the return on your digitalization investments.

The 20High Solution

User-Friendly, Intuitive Interface

Don’t let a complex interface scare your users away. At 20High, we prioritize user experience alongside functionality. Our visually pleasing, user-friendly interfaces, coupled with numerous pre-set configurations, ensure a seamless transition to our TMS. With wizards and guided functionalities, users can navigate our system with ease, enhancing overall user satisfaction and adoption rates.