Features & Benefits

Packed with Advanced Features for Order Consolidation,
Load Optimization, Tracking and more.

Automated Order Consolidation

  • Intuitive Ul: Allows creation of complex consolidation rules.
  • Detailed rule control: For customer and item specific consolidation.
  • Flexibility: Separate rules flexibility for FTL/FCL and LTL/LCL orders.

3D Load Optimization

  • Pre-configured Data: Pre-configured Truck, Maritime & Airfreight Container Data.
  • Smart Algorithm: Intelligent Algorithm for Best-fit Equipment.
  • Visualize & Document: 3D Visualization & Easy Documentation.

Rates & Contracts Management

  • Intuitive Ul: Intuitive screens for optimal carrier/route matching.
  • Intelligent Engine: Smart engine assesses cost, speed, and reliability.
  • Loadboard Integration: Integrates with 123Loadboard for extended market reach.

Real Time Visibility

  • Unified Tracking: Instant search and live map visualization of all shipments.
  • Real-time Insights: Predictive arrival analytics with detailed route events.
  • Versatile Integration: Tailored for shippers, freight forwarders, 3PLs.

Chatbot for End Customers

  • Client-Centric Responses: Ensure that your clients stay informed and satisfied.
  • Effortless Tracking: Enable clients to instantly access order details.
  • Streamlined UI: Ensure a smooth user journey for clients.

Automated Freight Audit

  • Invoice Analysis: Swift upload and detailed scrutiny of every bill.
  • Rate Variance Detection: Advanced algorithm that determines rate inconsistencies instantly.
  • Payment Readiness: Validated invoices for swift settlements.


Transport Cost Efficiency: Streamline your shipments by reducing the number of trucks or containers, cutting costs significantly.

Environmental Responsibility: Fewer vehicles mean lower carbon emissions, reflecting your commitment to sustainability.

Operational Agility: Accelerate consolidation and maximize fleet usage for any service type (FTL, FCL, LTL or LCL) you offer.

Intelligent Packing: Our advanced heuristic based optimization algorithm will help you plan your shipments with 3D visualization for optimal container utilization, minimizing damage, loss, and theft.

Cost Reduction: Save at least 1 truckload every month. Save on resources by eliminating the need for physical trial and error, and optimize staff time with automated planning.

Smart Selection: Our intelligent recommendation engine processes hundreds of your uploaded carrier rate cards and analyzes the historical performance to recommend you the best fit carriers for you to simply select.

Loadboard Integration: Instant access to spot market by seamlessly connecting with 123LoadBoard, posting loads and finding reliable carriers with ease.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Eliminate delays and predict ETAs with real-time tracking, allowing you and your customers to plan ahead and streamline downstream operations.

Cost Efficiency: Reduce demurrage and detention costs, avoid unexpected expenses and operational bottlenecks, ensuring a smoother business process and significant cost savings.

Instant Support: Our chatbot provides immediate answers to customer inquiries, ensuring a responsive service that matches the pace of today’s demand.

Customer Delight: Customers gain instant access to their delivery status, fostering trust and transparency.

Save Manual Labor: Allow the system to automatically audit carrier invoices instead of deploying people to detect financial discrepancies. This will save your time and prevent any financial oversight.

Measure Carrier Performance: Measure carrier performance KPIs around Invoice Accuracy and uncover hidden charges post-delivery with automated comparisons of initial rate cards with final invoices.

Strategic Insight: Identify billing discrepancies instantly, allowing you to focus on strategic financial management and prevent unethical overcharging.