Rates & Contracts

Are you a Shipper working with your contracted carriers?

Or perhaps a Freight Forwarder sifting through numerous rate cards? The intricate transport rate structures can be daunting. Consistently choosing the best carrier isn’t just about accuracy. It hinges on a well-defined strategy.

A single oversight in carrier selection can escalate shipping costs. Worse, it could risk your reputation, especially with high-value or mission-critical cargos.

We understand this immense challenge. The question is: Is your approach to rate management truly optimizing costs and efficiency with each transaction?

Harness an Intelligent Recommendation Engine to sift through rate cards, guiding you to the Cheapest, Fastest, or Most Reliable carriers for the task

Maximize Precision with 20High!

Dive deep into the intricate world of transport rate management with 20High, your partner in streamlining complex processes. Our platform boasts simplicity, intuitiveness, and unmatched flexibility in managing rate cards and contracts.

With 20High, you’re not just restricted to online operations. Effortlessly download and populate rates using Excel offline, then upload multiple revisions with ease. But the magic doesn’t stop there: our analytical Recommendation Engine meticulously evaluates freight details, route coverage, transport rates, transit time, and even past delivery track records to guide you to the Best-Fit carrier.

With 20High, every detail is accounted for. No guesswork, no oversights. Only precision. Elevate your transport rate management to unparalleled levels of efficiency.

Streamlined Carrier Management in Just Three Steps


No more sifting through endless files and folders. With 20High, effortlessly organize and manage all your contracted or in-network carriers and their agreements in one place. Plus, with our contract expiry notifier, you can bid farewell to the tedious task of tracking contract dates.


Navigate the complexities of transport rate structures with ease. Upload or download your rates, or those of your carrier, effortlessly. Whether it’s linking them to specific contracts, assigning them to named accounts, or keeping them generic – 20High has got your back.


Put your trust in 20High’s state-of-the-art recommendation engine. We don’t just present rates – we evaluate transit times and past carrier performances to suggest the most optimal MOTs and the most efficient, cost-effective, or reliable carriers tailored to your shipment routes.


With 20High, achieve unmatched carrier management proficiency